Building things for a tinkerer, by a tinkerer

I am a novice programmer, Linux and Windows System Administrator and a Free Software advocate.

I build tools/general software aimed at the tinkerer.

I am the founder of Kreato Linux and i also made multiple smaller projects.

My hobbies include music, anime, retro computers, the usual geek stuff.

This website include my rants, and blogs.

Languages I know

I know Nim, Python, Bash/POSIX sh, HTML5, CSS, sass, some PowerShell and some Svelte.

I use Nim for most tasks.

Software I use

I use Kreato Linux on my computer, with these applications;

Software I use changes overtime and this list may not be up-to-date.


Contact me on Matrix (, Discord (@kreatoo) or on email.

Quote of the week

Good artists copy, Great artists steal.

  • Pablo Picasso